Kevin James, LA Mayor Candidate 2013: The Republican Outsider


Kathleen Miles is the executive editor of Noema Magazine. She can be reached on Twitter at @mileskathleen.

LOS ANGELES — Kevin James, the only Republican candidate in LA’s 2013 mayoral race, is positioning himself as the outsider candidate who will fix City Hall.

James, 50, has worked at a private law firm, as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and as a host on conservative talk AM radio station KABC. In his campaign, he has promised that as mayor he would solve the city’s financial crisis, eliminate impediments to business growth and remain unbeholden to unions’ influence. He has been particularly critical of Greuel, accusing her of campaigning while on the clock as city controller. James grew up in Oklahoma and Texas and is openly gay.

What are his stances on other issues? HuffPost asked him the same questions that we asked the other mayoral candidates, Eric Garcetti, Wendy Greuel, Jan Perry and Emanuel Pleitez.

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