Noema’s Top 10 Articles Of 2022

Our essential reading from the past year.

Nicola López, “Ghost Town VI,” 2019. Graphite and archival inkjet print on paper.

Deep Time Sickness

In Mexico, people who are “tocado” — “touched” — reveal that geological traumas, like earthquakes, can destabilize our concepts of health, identity and even time.

by Lachlan Summers

Sandro Rybak for Noema Magazine

The Surprisingly Sophisticated Mind Of An Insect

Insects appear to be more intelligent and emotionally complex than we give them credit for. Perhaps, new research suggests, they are even conscious.

by Carrie Arnold

Sophie Douala for Noema Magazine

All That Is Solid Melts Into Information

The torrent of accelerated time without narrative is disorienting our society and fragmenting community. Art can help put the pieces back together.

a conversation with Byung-Chul Han

Scott Balmer for Noema Magazine

The Disappearing Art Of Maintenance

The noble but undervalued craft of maintenance could help preserve modernity’s finest achievements, from public transit systems to power grids, and serve as a useful framework for addressing climate change and other pressing planetary constraints.

by Alex Vuocolo

Ishaq Fahim for Noema Magazine

We Need To Talk About The Carbon Footprints Of The Rich

Dramatically unequal consumption lies at the heart of the climate crisis.

by Genevieve Guenther

Zhang Enli, “The Forest (2).” 2014. Oil on canvas. (Image courtesy the artist, Hauser & Wirth and ShanghART Gallery)

The Rise And Fall Of Chimerica

For decades, America gave China a vision of future prosperity. But today, America has mostly ceased to offer a model for China or anywhere else, leaving China’s leaders without a guide as they chart a course into a future filled with potential turmoil.

by Jacob Dreyer

Nash Weerasekera for Noema Magazine

The Exploited Labor Behind Artificial Intelligence

Supporting transnational worker organizing should be at the center of the fight for “ethical AI.”

by Adrienne Williams, Milagros Miceli and Timnit Gebru

Xinmei Liu for Noema Magazine

The Clash Of Two Gilded Ages

Despite their great-power rivalry, America and China are more similar than most people think. Both are living through a Gilded Age and struggling to end the excesses of capitalism.

by Yuen Yuen Ang

Uréchi Oguguo for Noema Magazine

How Black America Fell Out Of Love With Africa

Contemporary Afro-pessimist intellectuals see no shared identity that can serve as the basis for solidarity between Africans and African Americans.

by Alden Young

Timothée Boubay for Noema Magazine

Keeping Time Into The Great Beyond

The 10,000-year clock is neither a ‘frightening’ ‘distraction,’ as its critics scorn, nor the ‘admirable objective’ its fans claim. It’s something else — a monument to long-term thinking that can unlock a deeper and more thoughtful spirit of interpretive patience.

by Vincent Ialenti