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Digital Society

Examining the disruptive impact of the internet on psyche, society and governance.


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Vietnam is stifling free speech in the name of fighting « fake news. »
From the space race to recycling plastic waste, China’s prowess is stoking competition across Asia and the world.
We need a redefined safety net for the digital age.
Today's intangible economy has some very tangible consequences.
Using blockchain to enable a distributed, democratic ownership structure could give everyone a stake in our roboticized future.
Trump is focused on Russia and China as « great power » rivals. That could push us into arms negotiations.
The Internet is now the battleground of tribal warfare, where a cacophony of voices fight to establish consensual truths.
« If the protests become violent, they will fail, » says Abol Hassan Bani-Sadr.
Workers must be insured against the risk that their jobs might become obsolete.rn