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Geopolitics & Globalization

Investigating geopolitical power shifts and the challenges faced by both advanced and emerging countries in an interdependent yet fragmenting world.


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Silicon Valley’s quest to “move fast and break things” clashes with Europe’s “better safe than sorry” mindset.
The “deal of the century” would lead to a country ripped apart by unending bloodshed and external ostracism.
The nature of modern software development makes it hard to know where code was actually written and by whom.
A demand for regime change in a democracy is unlikely to create a more representative government. The exact opposite is, in fact, more likely.
Free societies require open-mindedness, a willingness to compromise and respect for people with different backgrounds and viewpoints.
Our climate crisis may provide a powerful new set of justifications for the far right's agenda.
The current mood in Washington is distinctly reminiscent of a Renaissance revenge tragedy.
Only Beijing can help reduce inequality in Hong Kong, but a large portion of the population view the Chinese government as a threat to their freedom.
The evidence is overwhelming that ugly and impersonal environments lead to a sense of depression and anxiety.