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As a freelance journalist based out of Berlin, Yermi Brenner reports on migration issues and minorities in Germany and throughout Europe.
Lauren Markham is a writer and reporter based in Northern California, covering issues related to youth, migration and the environment. Her work has been published in ou
What’s happening in the era of Trump almost seems like déjà vu for this European country.
I don’t look back as we finally leave. I don’t look at the torn and dismantled shell of a city that I used to know. I don’t say goodbye. I don’t want to.
Haroon Janjua is a freelance investigative reporter based in Pakistan. He has previously written for The Friday Times, and won numerous awards for his reporting in Sout
Kaya Genc is a novelist and essayist from Istanbul. Kaya is writing a history of Turkish literature for Harvard University Press. His "Under the Shadow" will be publish
Millions of Nigerians survived Boko Haram, but now a humanitarian catastrophe is putting their lives at risk again.
As Europe shuts out refugees and migrants, this Italian doctor has been welcoming them year after year.
America’s allies don’t have proper demining equipment or protective gear. That’s costing them their lives.
After decades at war, Colombia’s FARC fighters may soon face a new struggle: returning to normal life.