‘SNL’ Has Nothing On The Way The Middle East Mocks ISIS


All the videos are set to one song — the soundtrack frequently used by the Islamic State group in its propaganda videos meant to lure in recruits and spread terror. But these particular videos don’t show ruthless murder or threats of senseless violence. Instead, there are singing chipmunks, airport flash mobs and gleeful orangutans shaking their rears to the beat of the music.

Some people in the Middle East are striking back at the violent message sent by the extremist group also known as ISIS in its videos with satirical clips set to the group’s infamous “anthem.”

The song is known as “Salil al-Sawarim,” an Arabic name that roughly translates to the “clashing of the swords,” and has become a viral hashtag across the region. Most of the satirical clips are coming out of Egypt — a country that recently mourned the murders of over a dozen Coptic Christians by the Islamic State — and show dance scenes from famous Egyptian comedies.

It’s not the first time the Middle East has hit back with dark humor in response to the group’s brutality. There have been satirical television shows, memes and hashtags poking fun at the extremists, such as #ISISmovies and what translates to “I’m going to join Daesh,” using the group’s Arabic nickname.

When the Islamic State murdered Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, Japan hit back with its own brand of humor, doctoring photographs of executioner “Jihadi John” to show him holding a banana or a selfie stick instead of a knife, wearing Micky Mouse ears, and starring on a cooking show.

Here are a handful of the satirical videos circulating in the Middle East right now:

مهرجان صليل الصوارم : كل فيديوهات سخرية المصريين من نشيد داعش صليل الصوارم: http://t.co/mH3tfUJmvu #صليل_الصوارم

— إسكندراني (@fishermanalex) March 2, 2015

أحلى رد لمحمود عبد العزيز على حماتة الداعشية و أصابتة للهدف #صليل_الصوارم https://t.co/guiB3rpJd5

— meshoo ali (@meshoo313) March 3, 2015