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Geopolitics & Globalization

Investigating geopolitical power shifts and the challenges faced by both advanced and emerging countries in an interdependent yet fragmenting world.


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As a freelance journalist based out of Berlin, Yermi Brenner reports on migration issues and minorities in Germany and throughout Europe.
Lauren Markham is a writer and reporter based in Northern California, covering issues related to youth, migration and the environment. Her work has been published in ou
What’s happening in the era of Trump almost seems like déjà vu for this European country.
Anastasya Manuilova is a reporter for Kommersant newspaper. She is based in Moscow, Russia.
I don’t look back as we finally leave. I don’t look at the torn and dismantled shell of a city that I used to know. I don’t say goodbye. I don’t want to.
The ideal geopolitical response to the crisis of global power is a trilateral connection between the United States, China and Russia.
At a moment when we should stand united, rising right-wing parties and even some of Angela Merkel’s allies are dividing Germany and Europe.
It would create jobs for would-be immigrants and a climate of civility between nations.
Toomas Hendrik Ilves is an Estonian politician who served as president from 2006 to 2016.
Aiming to spread democracy, the U.S. has meddled in foreign countries’ politics for decades. Russia just returned the favor.