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Geopolitics & Globalization

Investigating geopolitical power shifts and the challenges faced by both advanced and emerging countries in an interdependent yet fragmenting world.


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The idea of the nation as an inclusive community of all citizens is being tossed aside in favor of an officially sanctioned version of nationalism.
Haroon Janjua is a freelance investigative reporter based in Pakistan. He has previously written for The Friday Times, and won numerous awards for his reporting in Sout
Kaya Genc is a novelist and essayist from Istanbul. Kaya is writing a history of Turkish literature for Harvard University Press. His "Under the Shadow" will be publish
Paul is a Front page editor for HuffPost Previously, he was the Homepage editor and Deputy news editor for the U.K. edition. A graduate of King’s College London, he c
I want to believe that when you are sworn in as president of the United States, you will not banish us from this country.
Bekir Bozdağ, who was in the U.S. to push for the exiled cleric’s extradition, also told The WorldPost Turkey’s post-coup purge isn’t “100 percent over.”
Millions of Nigerians survived Boko Haram, but now a humanitarian catastrophe is putting their lives at risk again.
As Europe shuts out refugees and migrants, this Italian doctor has been welcoming them year after year.
“Donald Trump is a living example of the damage the mobocratic algorithms of social media can do to the democratic process.”
“I’m no longer a strong female powerhouse, I’m broken down to an association.”
America’s allies don’t have proper demining equipment or protective gear. That’s costing them their lives.