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Climate Crisis

Scrutinizing potential solutions to the ecological and political challenges of industrialization, global warming and biodiversity loss.


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Our climate crisis may provide a powerful new set of justifications for the far right's agenda.
Already struggling against global warming and depleted fisheries, India’s fishermen now have to face off against a very pro-industry government.
Consequences of its destruction will extend far beyond artificial national boundaries.
In Germany, coal companies are demolishing homes and forests.
Colombia's forests, finally freed of FARC rebels, now face another threat.
The new Mexican president's grand train project is misguided.
We’re keeping ourselves cool by heating up the planet.
Warning lights are flashing from New Orleans to the Galápagos.
Climate change may forever alter the islands’ delicate ecosystem.
Kiribati is sinking, and yet its president denies climate change is man-made.
We’re losing one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems.
Our well-intentioned climate solutions are making us less safe.